March 13, 2017 By Comments Off on Our Story

“Power Up YOUth will secure the future of our youth by the reduction of substance abuse and risky behaviors.”


Over the years, the people of Hamilton County have always felt called to make their community a better place for youth and families to live.

Every day people worked in their individual homes and offices to nurture children, provide programming, share information and provide support to the families when needed.

Then one day someone said “Let’s work together. Instead of just helping individual people, let’s look at what we can change within the places that we live to make our children healthier and smarter.”

Once others heard this voice, they joined in the chorus and soon a coalition was formed and people began to realize that together we are more.

The people began using the wisdom and knowledge of the group to address problems that no single person or agency can solve. They found new resources and shared old ones. They learned new ways of doing their work. They still provided help to individuals but they also made changes to the community barriers, consequences, the physical design, and policies and practices so that all youth could thrive.

Until finally, Hamilton County became the best county in Iowa to raise a child.