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Spiritual Self Care

woman practicing yogaWith the hope you will help others during difficult times, Power Up YOUth offers these self-care tools so that you might recharge fully to share your best self.

We are traveling through uncharted territory. The anxiety in our communities has ramped up. Listing the causes of our stress would not be helpful here, however, making use of the domains of self-care might enable you to fill up your bucket during this time of COVID-19.

Rate the following areas according to how well you think you are doing:
3 = I do this well (e.g., frequently)
2 = I do this OK (e.g., occasionally)
1 = I barely or rarely do this
0 = I never do this
? = This never occurred to me


Spiritual Self-Care
____ Make time for reflection
____ Spend time in nature
____ Find a spiritual connection or community
____ Be open to inspiration
____ Cherish my optimism and hope
____ Be aware of non-material aspects of life
____ Try at times not to be in charge or the expert
____ Be open to not knowing
____ Identify what is meaningful to me and notice its place in my life
____ Meditate
____ Pray
____ Sing
____ Have experiences of awe
____ Contribute to causes in which I believe
____ Read inspirational literature or listen to inspirational talks, music
____ Other:

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