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It’s a decision you can never regret!

Familoy“As a former child welfare worker in Iowa, I worked with dozens of parents who were struggling with methamphetamine. Each had heard much of the insidious nature of the drug, yet they still chose to try the drug. When I asked them to tell me about the first time they used methamphetamine, their answers, almost to a person, started in the exact same way: “Well, me and a friend were drinking….” Of course, this isn’t to say that everyone who drinks eventually turns to methamphetamine. What it does illustrate though is one of the undeniable consequences of alcohol, namely a diminishing of inhibitions. I often wondered if alcohol wasn’t involved how many of those clients wouldn’t have had their lives turned upside down by methamphetamine. Approximately half of sexual assault cases involve alcohol consumption by the victim, perpetrator or both. . Promote healthy decisions in your own family. It’s a decision you can never regret.”  Wayne Judkins

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